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The tournament is known as Calcutta style Pro Am doubles tournament.

An amateur is paired with a local pro and/or member of the FGCU tennis team.

Each team is auctioned off the night before match play begins. The
total money raised for each flight is collected separately and paid out to
the two top teams.

There are three flights of play based on ability level.
Each flight will be divided into two brackets. Teams will be seeded and
broken up into brackets based on the dollar amount they sold for at
auction. Play will be round robin format. Each round will consist of one
set up to six games with a 9 point tie breaker at 5-5.


No ad scoring will
apply at deuce games where pro serves to pro and amateur serves to
amateur. The pro will only have one serve to the amateur for the
duration of the tournament.


We will play out net-cords where either
player from the returning team may return the serve if there is a net-cord.
The top two teams in each bracket will advance to semi-final play.
Advancement will be based on win/loss records.

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